Production Sound Mixer & Filmmaker


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What i do

Sound Mixer / Boom Operator / Filmmaker

Sound in Films

You can tell the difference between an amateur film and a professional one just by closing your eyes and listening to the story.


Sound is not important to a production; it's vital to a production.

Elite sound equipment

  • Sound Devices 633 10-track Mixer/Recorder w/ TC
  • Schoeps CMC641 Supercardioid Condenser Microphone
  • DPA 4017b Shotgun Microphone
  • 5 lavalier systems:
  • 2x Lectrosonics SRC Dual-Channel Receiver (A1/B1)
  • 2x Lectrosonics SSM Digital Hybrid Wireless Miniature Transmitter
  • 2x Lectrosonics SMQV Super Miniature Wireless Transmitter
  • Lectrosonics UCR411A Wireless Microphone Kit
  • 4x IFB / Camera Hop
  • 5x DPA4061, Sanken COS-11, B6 lavalier microphones
  • Smart Slate Denecke TS-C
  • 2x Tentacle lockit boxes
  • Ambient Carbon Fiber Boompole, Sound Cart, Blimp, etc.


As a director and filmmaker I can be very creative on set, knowing every role on set and assisting other departments if needed.

Work process

The importance of the workflow

Sound Pre-production

Depending on the type of production I will choose the best equipment. Testing every piece of equipment beforehand, reading the script and getting informed about director preferences.



Before starting the day is essential to check frequencies on set, sync wireless, prepare lavaliers, syncronize Time Code between recorder and camera, adjust transmitter levels depending on the scene, set up the best mic for the boom, read the shot list and be always ready. Recording sound effects and room tone during the day is also very important.



After the shooting I will provide high quality Poly Wav Files and sound reports to help in post.

Sound Equipment
On Set Mixer
AD, AC, DIT, Editor
Team Member

Manuel Lopez Cano

Sound - Filmmaker

About me

Graduated in Computer Science and Software Engineering in Spain I came to LA to make my dream of becoming a filmmaker true. I studied Directing at UCLA and became a full time Production Sound Mixer which has become my passion.

Due to my experience as an agile project manager, one of my goals is to apply some of the tech-methodologies and workflows to the film industry, specifically to quality sound services.

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100 Projects completed
20.000 Tracks Recorded
200.000 Frames
890 Happy clients